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Frozen Face ALash & Eyebrow Vitamin

Our eyebrows and eyelashes are the most

eye catching areas on our face . In order to give our lashes and brows the definition we want, first of all, our hair follicles must be healthy. Genetic factors, wrong makeup applications, wrong eyelash/eyebrow treatments, excessive pulling on them or due to any other reasons our eyelashes/brows may not have enough length, definition or strength .


The frozen face Eyebrows serum can be used both on our eyelashes and brows it

nourishes them and helps them to grow back much rapidly. It makes the hairs appear back thick and lively, whilst helping to repair your genetic concern. The serum is natural and consists of herbal ingredients, regenerating and revitalising the sparse, thin and short appearance of both lashes and brows as well as contributing to the prevention of experiencing further damages to the areas.

Frozen face lash & brow vitamin

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