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For Professional Use ONLY


For eyelash extensions ONLY


✦ Drying Time: 0.3 second


✦ Test Temperature: 25-35°C


✦ Best Humidity: 40-70%


✦ patch tests are recommended, please follow your insurance policies


✦ 5ML inside


✦ Shake the glue well before EACH use


✦ Once open, use within 7 weeks for best results and be aware, if stored incorrectly, retention may be compromised


12Months shelf life 


✦ For ultimate retention, pair with the Super Bonder!




After use squeeze out any residue inside the nozzle and wipe with a lash adhesive wipe if necessary. Always make sure lid is put back on securely and store upright in an air tight container, away from sunlight.

Stay Lit Glue

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